Rob Coccagna
(writer, producer, director, animator)

Rob is an independent filmmaker who has been pursuing that goal for most of his life. He started writing and making "movies" (if you could call them that) around the age of five years old. At some point, his parents gave in and finally bought him his own VHS camcorder, and he forced his friends to be in films of various genres.

Early on, Rob displayed a penchant for shooting action movies and for visual effects. In high school, he worked in the school's education television department, becoming the station's co-general manager by his senior year.

Since then, Rob has attended Temple University's Film and Media Arts program, worked for a number of years as a professional actor, and produced a number of award-winning short films, as well as a feature-length horror film that he swears will be released soon.

In his spare time, Rob enjoys playing ice hockey and video games, reading, quoting (or mis-quoting) "The Simpsons," and, of course, watching movies.
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