Nick Martorelli
(writer, producer, director, actor)

Nick, a writer/producer from the Philadelphia area, has worked with DRF for almost a decade. Recent credits include producing and appearing in "E.D.E.N." and "Rendezvous," as well as producing and co-writing "The Sidewinder."

Producing with his own company, Radio Hound Productions, Nick wrote and produced a live stage version of "Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde," as well as several mystery/comedy episodes featuring his creation Boson Higgs, Science Detective. Nick was also the head writer on "The Stray Dogs Project," a series of original audio dramas in the style of radio's Golden Age. The series is still avaiable on iTunes.

As an actor, he has performed with InterAct Theatre, Commonwealth Classic Theatre, Flashpoint Theatre, Walnut Street Theatre, Bloomsburg Theatre Ensemble, Philadelphia Theatre Workshop, Curio Theatre Company, Philadelphia Shakespeare Theatre, Enchantment Theatre, and the National Theatre for Arts in Education.

Nick lives in New York City, where he works in book publishing as an e-book production associate.
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