When her husband is killed in action against the Nazis during World War II, Margeaux (Jensen Bucher) takes up his last mission - take secret information to the allied war effort.

But when her younger sister Emilie (Amanda Kay Schill) insists on coming along, Margeaux cannot say no. Their journey will take them across war-torn France and enemy lines, but when they meet a mysterious stranger (Nick Martorelli) on the trail, they find that their adventure has only just begun.

'Rendezvous' premiered on November 3, 2010 at the Five Day Film Festival, where it won the award for Best Production Design and Best Director

Behind the Scenes Photos and Film Stills

Produced: 2010
Run Time: 06:07
Starring: Jensen Bucher, Amanda Kay Schill, Nick Martorelli
Written By: Rob Coccagna
Directed By: Rob Coccagna

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