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Recent News

August, 2014
Currently prepping to shoot a new little short film called "The Hatchling".  The film is about a lonely little boy who is tormented daily by several school bullies, until he discovers something amazing that will change him forever.  Along the way he learns how to make friends, stand up for what is right and most importantly, to believe in himself.  The film is scheduled to be shot on Sunday, August 3rd, 2014, and will be 3-5 minutes in length when complete.  We are currently casting all roles, and anyone interested in submitting a headshot or recent photo should send them to Robin at hatchling.cast@gmail.com.  The roles are paid and food will be provided for performers and parents/guardians, as well as credit and a copy of the finished film.

July, 2014
Just finished up some VFX work for an independent short film out of LA, called Justice For Hire: Retribution Task Force.  Pretty cool short based on a mixed martial arts comic book.  The short is premiering at ComicCon in San Diego this week.  We worked on several shots for director Jan Lucanus, ranging from object/logo removals to adding blood hits, smoke, debris, and other fun stuff!  You can find more info on the JFH project here.

June, 2014
Did some DP work for an episode of Xploration Outer Space, part of the Xploration Nation block of programming set to air on Fox Television stations and affilliates in the Fall.  The shows are focused on science and space and aimed at a teenage audience.  It was a really interesting shoot, and the coolest part was that we were shooting at a NASA launch facility!

April, 2014
Just finished "The History of Rubber" project for the Chemical Heritage Foundation.

In other news, work continues on our newest short film, 'Irreconcilable'.   We released the first trailer for  the film a few months back, and there might be a new one sometime soon.  You can check it out on the website here, or on Youtube

We are still raising funds to help finish the film.  If you are interested in purchasing a t-shirt, or making another contribution, please click here.  Thanks! 

Shirts were printed by the awesome folks at ooShirts.  Check them out at www.ooshirts.com!
May, 2014
Finally got around to putting together a new reel.  Check it out!

Rob with Xploration Outer Space host, Emily Calandrelli at NASA Wallops Flight Facility, VA